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After what was inevitably a fairly late night, I was in no rush at all to leap out of bed on Thursday morning, staying in my 'pit' until 8.30 when I made myself a coffee and washed the cobwebs away under the shower.  I hadn't been up for very long before the final member of our 2015 team arrived.  Having survived the experience last year, Allon had been quick to decide to throw his lot in with us again in 2015 and like last year, he had been able to hitch a lift with Sean (Tenther claude2cv).  They arrived at the hotel at 9.30 by which time Allon's room was pretty much ready for him to move straight in. 

After leaving him for a while to stow his gear and take a shower we continued our normal morning routine with breakfast up at the bar.  The weather was very good so we were able to take it out on the patio area at the back. 


It was a very leisurely breakfast as we had masses of time in hand and we didn't move off from there until midday.  We took another trip up to Auchan principally to enable Allon to pick up the supplies he needed, although I did indulge in some cherries and a bag of my favourite almond tuiles. 

After returning to the hotel to store our provisions, we prepared our kit for Thursday's qualifying sessions at the circuit and left at around 1.30, arriving half an hour or so later in Parking Blanc, with plenty of time before the first of the sessions started at 7 pm. 



We did the rounds of the shops behind the grandstands again so that Allon could seek out some purchases.  We also walked to the Village and visited the Toyota marquee where I was able to drool over the Toyota TS020 - the GT-One - my all-time favourite Le Mans car and then view the Ford and Ferrari exhibition. Having done that, Allon and I made our way down to the Espace Club to get Allon signed in as an ACO guest.





Once that was done the two of us made our way back to the grandstands to find the others in Durand (T17) from where we watched the practice for the Legends support race.  We were pretty comfortable here and decided that we might as well watch the second qualifying session from here too. 





I took very few photographs during the session (which saw no dramatic changes up at the front of LMP1) was halted early after Jan Magnussen's big shunt in the Corvette and we decided to move on at that point to make our way to Mulsanne Corner to watch the final qualifying session from there. 





























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