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Hello all, welcome to the website of a self-confessed Le Mans addict! - I hope you find something of interest while you're here.

I'm now celebrating 34 years at Le Mans and 19 years on the internet - having started my website in February 2001.  

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Latest News

18-09-2020 - New Blog entry.

04-09-2020 - Entry list updated.  

26-08-2020 - I've just done a big update to the entry list.  There has been a lot of driver reshuffling in the last week or two!  Find it in the 2020 Index.  

26-08-2020 - I've just added another blog entry.  

24-08-2020 - After a bit of a pause, I've now fully revised another of my story years - 1997 - you can reach it from the 'Annual Stories' link below.  

10-08-2020 - So Le Mans is to be closed to the public....  See my second blog page of that day....

10-08-2020 - Updated Blog page including video of my son's tyre changing for the #7 Nielsen Racing LMP3 car at the ELMS race at Spa yesterday!

06-08-2020 - Further update to tickets page.

22-07-2020 - Tickets page updated with four additional tickets.  

22-07-2020 - Entry list now down to 60.  Entry list updated.  

20-07-2020 - I've now updated the 2020 index with the revised truncated programme for the race week. 

16-07-2020 - Another Blog post following the ACO's announcements today.

11-07-2020 - Entry list updated.  

04-07-2020 - I've finally got round to updating the entry list - for the first time since February!  Find it from the 2020 Index.  

04-07-2020 - I've updated my blog page with information from Brittany Ferries.

30.06.2020 - The ACO have announced today that Le Mans will go ahead - with spectators.  See my latest blog post.  

21-06-2020 - New 'Ayse's Blog' post.

16-06-2020 - The revised race week schedule and the support race schedule has now been published by the ACO.  Go to 2020 Index 

15-06.2020 - I've decided to start writing an occasional sort of 'blog'.  Just a few thoughts about Le Mans from time to time.  The first is now up and can be accessed from the 'Ayse's Blog' button below.  

09-06-2020 - I've now fixed the handful of broken photo links in the 2019 story, plus those in the 1996 story.  I know there are others in the stories I've recently revised and I'll get to those shortly.  

07-06-2020 - My 1996 story has now been fully revised with photos and text.  Use the 'Annual Stories' link below.

06-06-2020 - The broken photo links in the 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 stories have now been temporarily fixed (pending a full revision).  

30-05-2020 - Although this won't be everyone's cup of tea (probably not mine either), the entry list for the 'Virtual' 24 Hours of Le Mans is now published.  Might be worth a look to see the professionals blown away by the sim racers....  The link is in the 2020 Index

27-05-2020 - My 1995 story is now completely revised.  As before, use the  'Annual Stories' link below.  

23-05-2020 - All of the broken photo links in the 1986, '87, '88, '89 and '90 stories have now been fixed.  '91 to '94 have of course just been completely revised and '95 will follow shortly.  The rest will follow in due course.  

21-05-2020 - It's only just come to my attention that in many of my stories that were 'migrated' to the new site, the photo links are not working - they take you just to another thumbnail.  I have amended 2002 and will catch up with the others in due course (pending those stories being updated completely).  

20-05-2020 - 1994 is the next year to receive an update.  Lots of photos and text written at the time.   Next (logically) will be '95, where the weather was rather less inviting...  Go to 'Annual Stories'.   

17-05-2020 - The 1993 story is now fully revised with photos and a longer story written at the time.    Again, use the 'Annual Stories' link below.  1994 will follow in a few days.  

14-05-2020 - I have now finished updating my 1992 story with more text written at the time and all of my photos from that year.  Use the 'Annual Stories' link (below) to go to the 1992 index page.  

12-05-2020 - I'm in the process of updating my 1992 story and found some of my original tickets in the albums of photographs.  I found others in the albums of later years, so the Tickets page has now been updated.  Use the 'Tickets' link below.  

07-05-2020 - I'm in story 'mode' still.  I've now updated my 1991 story with more words and a lot more photos from my archive.  Use the 'Annual Stories' link (below) to go to the 1991 index page.  

06-05-2020 - I've updated my tickets page again with tickets from 1979, 1983 and 1984.  Use the 'Tickets' link below.  

05-05-2020 - At last, my 'Story' of Le Mans 2019 can be published.  Something to read during lockdown perhaps..   Just use the big link at the top of the page! 

05-05-2020 - It's time to reveal the revised website.  Let me know what you think.  With many thanks to Mason Web Design.