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Drivers who have signed to date:-


Tony Adamowicz

Allan McNish

Rob Barff

John Hugenholtz

Andy Wallace

Guy Smith

Tom Kristensen

Fritz Kreutzpointner

Andy Pilgrim

Brian Redman

Sebastien Bourdais

Anthony Kumpen


I took one of my periodical looks at my guestbook and thought it was time this page was updated!  So here is your name-check as at 09.06.16:-

JC, Rusty, William, Christopher Green, powermite, Canada Phil, Fab, Neil Bevilacqua, Paul Davey, Andy Wallace, Guy Smith, Gazza, Mark, Tom Kristensen, Tim Joosen, Martin Lee, Canada Phil (again!), Markus Berns, Dave Clarke, Lee, Henrik Vejgaard, Yigal, Fritz Kreutzpointner, Paul Flint, Eduardo Gabriel Mastantuono, Jim Messenger (MGF), Henrique Meister, Chris Smith, Richard Smith, Blue, Craig Antill, Andy Pilgrim, Christopher Laws, Gary Tindle, Steph, Elji, steve, Bluebottle, Viktor van den Berg, Wade Riley, Mike Fuller, Nick Cave, Cy Bersdorf, Helmut Schnug, Andy Murdoch, Paul Truswell, Nordic, Vincent Meseck, Bryan Blanton, Michael Gaffney, Malcolm Scopes, Val and Alan Peters, Doc Austin, Mark Needham, Allon F-S, FastJoel31, Brian Redman, shu_owl, Mike Hoyland, kdr, Number Juan, Dave Lynn, Peter Vilhardt, Mark Akeroyd, Paul N, Lyn and Lynn, Alex, Benoit Leus, Dott. Ing. Stuart Schaller, Neal Whitehall, Trevor, JO, Ian Moorhouse, Ray Toombs, Ryan Chirnomas, Mike Unwin, Rick Cutler, Bas de Graaf, Richard Elkington, Chris McGahan, Graham Spenceley, Frank Feenstra, JonFATBOYWarner, Ian Butterfield, Don Dean, Julian Roberts, Philip Mann, Steve Chapman, Sebastian Bourdais, Anthony Kumpen, Ernst Heldring, Drew, David, Mark Griffiths, Ricardo, Bob Underwood, Sean Crockett, Anya, Michael, Larry T., Werner, Peter, John, Down Force, Sean Crockett (again), Lord Steve of Les Tres Hombres, Pirenzo, Bentley Beermonster, Rob Jones, Chris Ribchester, Darren, Ken, Smokey 6 litre, aka Martin Davis, kdr, Jon Bryant, Steve Tarrant, Mark Astley, Nick aka Fartmeister, Bob, Montoya (Rob), Luke, Race Gypsy - Bob, Sideshow Al, Ice Man, Matt, Arne, Simon Finch, Owain Shaw, Luke Sarsons, Gerhard, Sander, BillandLara, Mike, Luke Sarsons (again!), Mark, Tommy, jk, Ross, Peter Callwood, Richie Rich, Steve Howling, Darren G., Peter Tijs, John Hugenholtz, Dean, Alan, Christopher Smith (Saleen S7R), Bo Johansen, Andy Mahoney, David Wilkin, Kevin (tlgtr), pounetbf, Roy, Stewart Hart (Jag), Luke, Andy Woolgar, EM, Jamie Wilson, Nick Winter, Fab, william (pirenzo) Colin Flockton, Mick, Spitting Duck (Spiteful), Wally Mahlum, Simon Davies, robert gardiner, Rob Marchment, Chadders, David Wilkin (again), John Davies, Rob Owen, Jamie Wilson (again), Trevor Hermance (Magical Trevor), Connor James Helms, Mike Hoyer, David Sykes, Gary S, Bayfield, Greg Bowden, Poul Rønholt, Greg Wilson, SueAnn, Belle, Pilgrimage, Andy Fage, Larry Turner, Rob Farley, thierry, Rob Fisher, L.P. Horndawg, Mike Hickling, Luke (again), Alan Green, Vincent, Rob Vargas, Bernard B., Steve Boulter, GT6, Dave Pollard (djinvicta), Nobby van Dorst, Scott Beuse, Pascal Melchior, Oliver (wreckdetect), Robert Blanshard, Le Vieux, Ker, Alex Gibson, Christian Sevilla, David Wilkin, Tony Light, Phil (2009 Tourist), Rasmus Pedersen, Geoff Bermingham (porsche91722) and GTfour!

Thanks to all of you for taking the time and trouble to stop and sign in!


Please note - I remove all entries from my guestbook and guestmap that I believe have been entered either for commercial purposes or to illustrate the fact that some people become retards when faced with a guestbook.....  If you have no interest in Le Mans or motor racing then you are wasting my time and yours by signing my guestbook.  I am not looking for any commercial services - unless you want to pay me money, of course........

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