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There are advantages and disadvantages to writing a postscript so long after the event.  As I write this, we're barely three months away from Le Mans 2016.  It means of course that some memories fade, particularly of those times when I wasn't snapping away with my camera (what did happen to the early hours at Arnage?!!), but it also means that I can take into account things that have happened since. 

We've had a lot more publicity for Le Mans and the WEC since last June, with many more people openly contrasting the continued descent into the depths of boredom for Formula 1 with the rise of superb racing and amazing machinery in top sportscar racing.  We've had the demise of Nissan.  It was a rather sad sight to see these strange cars unable to compete to any serious degree in LMP1, but I was looking forward to a year of development and a strong showing this year - but it was not to be. 

We've seen terrorist atrocities in France and many of us have firmly displayed our support for the French people - and particularly our French friends from Le Mans.  On a personal note, my old friend Ian, the Chief Tourist has been very poorly and was unable to get to Le Mans in 2015 and I hope to see him back there this year, with the rest of my old friends.  I didn't see my old Tourist pals until a chance meeting on the ferry on the way home.  Ironically, when I watched back the final video showing the end of the race, there they are, just a stone's throw away down on the tribunes in front of the grandstand!

Le Mans 2015, irrespective of what happened on track, was a great Le Mans.  Without doubt, one of the best.  Incredibly this was my 30th visit to the World's greatest motor race - 30 years without a break since 1986.  It really is a special event to me.  The weather largely smiled on us and as always, the company was top-notch.  It was a real pleasure to share Le Mans this year with James, Tony, Tim and Allon and I'm looking forward to doing it all over again in a few months time (with the dress rehearsal of course at Silverstone in April!).  I'm still working as so many of those around me are enjoying their retirement.  I can only force a smile when they tell me.....  Soon I hope it will be my turn. 

As to my website, I know it's a bit tired and badly needs bringing up to date.  A task for 2016, perhaps.  I could use someone (Tim?) with some knowledge to help me to do a revamp which isn't going to cause me to have to spend huge amounts of time (or more to the point - money!) updating things.  Photography wise, I know my shots are generally not brilliant, but I try and they are important to illustrate the story and remind me of what we were doing and when.  (Besides, I quite like the night shots at Mulsanne on Thursday....). 

So onward and upward.  I hope those who read this story enjoy it.  Of course it is much of the same as before, but then as we do much the same each year, there should be no surprise in that!  To all of my friends heading to La Sarthe in June, here's a toast to you and the 84th running of the 24 Heures du Mans. 



















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