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Page 10 - Sunday 16th June - Arnage and Indianapolis


I suppose it must have been about 11.30 am by the time we got back to the track.  We didn't go back to the garage rouge this time, but headed straight for the Indianapolis and Arnage public enclosure.  We went here instead of Mulsanne Corner at my suggestion.  This complex of corners is a far better vantage point than Mulsanne, although, in the eleven years that I've been to Le Mans, I've still only been there three times.   While there, we saw some good action, with Mario Andretti falling off in his Courage and, a few minutes later, Franck Freon doing the same in the Mazda-Kudzu.  The marshalls were quite hopeless at first, in their efforts to free Andretti's car from the kitty-litter.  It must have taken all of six or seven minutes for them to find a sensible vehicle to tow him out.  Fortunately for Freon, the marshalls had learned by their earlier mistakes with the Courage, and he was on his way after a minute or so.   

We spent about an hour soaking up the sunshine at Indianapolis and Arnage, before making the journey back again to the garage rouge, where we parked up near the main entrance, hopefully to facillitate a speedy getaway after the race.  By this time, my foot was really painful, and I was limping about as if in need of a walking stick!  Fortunately, (I suppose), the pain from my foot was taking my mind off the fact that I was actually desperately tired!















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