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Le Mans 2016 - Ayse's Story

Page 15 - Sunday 19th June

Back in the Grandstand



I took my last shot at Tertre Rouge  just before 11 pm.  It was full dark by then of course.  The transition from light to dark always seems to happen quite quickly once it begins;  one minute you have semi-light and the next its completely dark as, for me, the best part of the Le Mans 24 hour race begins.  We walked away from Tertre Rouge back up the inside of the circuit and made our way back to T17, taking up some slightly more photography-friendly seats up at the top.  After walking down to Tertre Rouge, standing there for quite a while and then walking back up to the grandstand it was good to rest my legs. 













and time for a safety car.....


By now Porsche and Audi both had a car in trouble but Toyota were still looking strong, continuing to trade the lead with the remaining untroubled Porsche both on pace and their longer stint length.  In LMP2 it was anyone's guess who would be victorious with the 'Alpines' and the KCMG Oreca and the Thirier car all looking strong.  In GTEPro there was still a mighty battle going on between the Fords and the Risi Ferrari, the AF Corse Ferraris having fallen away with problems quite early on.  IN GTEAm there was a Ferrari v Porsche fight, with little between them.  A fascinating race then in every class.