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Le Mans 2016 - Ayse's Story

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     The Prologue

     Saturday 11th June - The 31st Trip Begins

     Sunday 12th June - Its Scrutineering Time!

     Monday 13th June - More Scrutineering....

     Tuesday 14th June - Changes, Rain, the Museum (and More Rain.....)

    Tuesday 14th June - Toby in the Toyshop..... 

     Wednesday 15th June - Pitwalk Time - The Right Crowd and No Crowding!

     Wednesday 15th June - Cars, Rain, Flags and Merguez.... (Free Practice)

     Wednesday 15th June - Looking Forward to the Night (1st Qualifying)

     Thursday 16th June - OK, So It Rained a Little Bit...... (2nd and 3rd Qualifying)

     Friday 17th June - My Debut at the CBW and Toby's Architectural Interlude

     Saturday 18th June - The 2016 Ten Tenths Meeting

     Saturday 18th June - And They're Off..... (Or Not, As The Case May Be)

    Saturday 18th June - Déjà Vu - Into the Night at Tertre Rouge

    Sunday 19th June - Back in the Grandstand

     Sunday 19th June - New Adventures at Indianapolis

     Sunday 19th June - Morning Has Broken - Mulsanne Corner and the Ford Chicane

     Sunday 19th June - The Unbelievable End....

     Monday 20th June - Over For Another Year

     Ayse's Postscript