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20 Years On....... As you will have read, my first visit to Le Mans was in 1986.  And 20 years later, in February 2006, I finally scanned and added to my site most of the other photographs I took in 1986.  When I first started my site, I had a whopping 5 megabytes of space available to me.  Now it doesn't take a mathematician or even a computer whizz to work out that 5 meg doesn't allow you to put up too many photographs!  So, 20 years after the event, with rather more space available to me, I can finally afford to let my other pictures see the light of day.  They've been hanging around in wallets and albums, and have deteriorated a little, as I guess they inevitably would.  But as a photographic record of my first Le Mans - a Le Mans with little or nothing in the way of debris fencing, the ability to wander to places you just can't get near today without a media pass and with Grand Marnier crepes costing about 75 pence, those definitely were the days!

And as you can see from the above two shots, my love affair with Le Mans at night started on my very first visit.  This shows you the fantastic view that was available looking over the fences at the Hunaudieres Restaurant and the Restaurant des 24 Heures.  And I can even identify the car in front in the second picture!  

See what I mean about those views?  There is no way you could get views like this from Arnage and Indianapolis these days without a media pass!  

And what are the chances these days of just happening upon one of the leading (but sadly retired) cars in the undergrowth?  Not much - as you can't get to that part of the circuit any more.....



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