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Page 19 - Saturday 11th June - Around the Circuit



From what is left of my limited recollection we left the grandstand some time after 6 pm.  It was time to stretch our legs and wander the circuit in the by now very warm sunshine.  We were aware that Tony, Tim and Allon had headed down to Tertre Rouge and we said we would meet them there.  Our wanderings took us down past the Dunlop Chicane (on the inside) where just beyond they were setting up the stage for the evening's music.  As far as I'm aware, this was the first time the stage had moved from it's customary position on the outside of the circuit, near to the Dunlop Bridge.  We made our way down to the Esses where Lauren checked out the rather strange 'facilities'.  For years there had been a small toilet block at the bottom of the Esses (behind the raised spectator bank) but that was gone and had been replaced with several wooden 'single-seaters' opposite the start of the Tertre Rouge banking.  These looked like rather quaint but very small sheds.  Lauren would however describe them as anything but quaint inside....  The less said about them and their state of cleanliness, probably the better!  

I took up position on the inside of Tertre Rouge for my obligatory photographs at about 7.30 pm.  Tony, Tim and Allon were already sitting on the grass.  It was very busy there but we found some space near them to enjoy the race.  

Unfortunately I remained blissfully unaware that the video I was taking wasn't of very good quality.  It was probably a good job that I didn't take very much!

I'm not sure now whose suggestion it was but just after 8 pm we walked back through the underpass to watch from the outside of Tertre Rouge instead.  Strangely I hadn't watched from there for quite a few years, largely I suspect the result of my recollection that the fencing was really problematic there.  But it turned out that semi-decent photos were entirely possible if you threw the camera lens wide open to lose the worst of the fencing.  There were a few spots that were better than others and I had to bide my time as there was a chap already there who was keen to monopolise the better ones!  But I got there eventually.  It was really nice to watch from somewhere different rather than spend a couple of hours taking more of the same shots as I always take from the inside at the corner.  It also had the benefit of being quite shaded there as it was quite warm still.  

All in all, these were probably the best shots that I took during the race.  

At one point the Goodyear blimp appeared on the scene and I was taken by a shot that made it appear as though it had blown a bubble (from the wrong end - I'm being polite!).  

We stayed at this point for a good hour or more before starting the walk back through the underpass again and back up towards the Dunlop Chicane passing the stage where the Stranglers were performing.  Had I been on my own, I suspect I might have paused there for a while!  



























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