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Page 17 - Sunday 11th June - Tertre Rouge, Trevor Again and Oh So Tired...


As we had come this far James, Lauren and I walked on down the inside of the circuit to Tertre Rouge leaving Allon to catch us up later. Instead of walking up the high banking on the inside of Tertre Rouge we chose to go under the circuit to watch from the outside of the corner rather than fight our way through the crowds that were still thronging the banking on the inside. In fact, on the outside right down at the corner there were only a handful of people so we decided to stay there for a while. The spot was pretty poor for photography thanks to the fencing, so my photos and video from there are fairly limited and I was too cream-crackered to bother too much anyway!  I had already made up my mind that our usual trip back to the hotel for a quick shower and a change of clothes was the best idea, although my state of fatigue made the thought of the drive back a little daunting.


It was at about 4:45 that we were joined by Trevor Hermance. He had made contact with James and said that he would ride over on his bike to join us. It was good to see him again although i know I wasn't great company as I was completely out on my feet. We stayed there chatting for a while but after half an hour or so I knew I had to move on before I completely seized up so we walked back up on the outside and out through the Panorama car park entrance/exit having found and collected Allon on the way from where he was watching at the Esses. We went down through the car park to the bottom exit from where we only had to cross the road to walk into Expo. By this time dawn had well and truly arrived and as we got back to the car it was already fully light.


It was an easy drive back to the hotel with hardly any traffic although I was conscious throughout that I needed to stay that way! I can't actually remember feeling that tired at Le Mans at that time on Sunday morning. We got back with no dramas by 6:00 am and I had a leisurely shower and changed out of my ‘night gear’ (in which I had eventually got very hot). As we were expecting more hot weather during Sunday it was back to T-shirt and shorts.























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