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Le Mans 2021 Ayse's Story

So we start with another 'before you read on.....'    I had no intention this year of trying to cobble together a story for a Le Mans that I didn't go to.  However I do have photographs and a little bit of video courtesy of James F and Tony who did go, and Toby who was there again, spannering for G Drive (Algarve Pro).  It seemed a shame for the photos never to see the light of day.   So here they are....    Just two pages, one for James and Tony and a second for Toby.  

So we start with James and Tony's trip over, with a lavish selection of meals to make my mouth water and the sights of a few days before they headed to Le Mans for the Test Day, viewed from the restaurant on the Mulsanne.  Envious?  Moi?  You betcha!  I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story....






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