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Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I get asked quite a lot to put up links for other web sites.  I'm normally very happy to do so.  But I'll be grateful if you would note the following:-

1.  I will put up a link at your request if you operate a motorsport/sportscar/Le Mans related website.  

2.  I will put up your link for free if your site is operated wholly on a non-profit basis, i.e., fan-sites, enthusiast sites and so on, like mine, but I will expect you to do the same on your site for me. 

3.  If your site is a commercial, business site, I'm still happy to carry your link, but I will expect some kind of consideration in return for putting it up.  Whether that be financial or some other benefit.  So please expect to be asked to make some kind of reasonable offer.  I'm not mercenary, so I won't ask for much.  But I can put plenty of enthusiast-based traffic in your direction from both this site and the huge Ten Tenths forum, so it's up to you.  

I am quite happy to discuss "sponsorship" (in the more common sense), if anyone is interested.

4.  All of my links are now based on one image - preferably a gif.  This should be 200 x 100 pixels (landscape format)

Thanks again



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If you would like to swap links, please use the URL below, and, if you possibly can, the image (22 kb) as well.


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