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19.02.17 - My Story of the 2016 Le Mans trip is finally done.  At least, edition 1 is....  A revision will follow in the next few days which will include the considerable amount of video that Toby and I took on the trip.  Click the animated gif below to go to the story.


19.02.17 - Entry list updated for AF Corse driver news. 

16.02.17 - Entry listed updated - Jonathan Hirschi joins CEFC Manor .

11.02.17 - Entry list further updated for IDEC Sport Racing.

09.02.17 - Entry list updated to include Simon Trummer at CEFC Manor TRS Racing (although it's not known yet which car he will join). 

07.02.17 - Entry list further updated for ARC Bratislava (car and driver) and Scuderia Corsa drivers. 

02.02.17 - Entry List for Le Mans 2017 announced today by the ACO.  As always, there is a lot of information to be added yet.  

Le Mans 2016

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