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12.07.16 - As regular visitors will know it will be a while (quite a while actually!) before my Le Mans Story 2016 appears here, however in the meantime I thought I would put up a few short videos that I took during my 10 days in France just a few weeks ago as a bit of a 'taster'.  They will reappear in the story in due course.






24.06.16 - The final result (still described by the ACO as 'provisional' is now up, plus the full qualifying times. 

21.06.16 - I arrived home from France at about 11 last night, bringing the 2016 Le Mans trip to a close.  And what a brilliant week it was!  Yes, the weather Gods failed to smile on us from time to time but it was dry for the majority of the race and most importantly for the glorious Le Mans night.  The bizarre end to the race was quite a shock, leaving our group pretty numb on Sunday evening - Toyota really deserved that win - but that's life and there's always next year.  Huge thanks to my Le Mans buddy James (Bentley03) for the organisation and chauffering which was as impeccable as it always is, and to the excellent company of Toby, Tony, Allon, Andrew, Paul and John.  It's hard to believe that it's over again so quickly, it just seemed to fly by.  So now comes the time to sort out the photos and videos and the memories of Le Mans 2016.  Look out my my 2016 story - well, in a few months time!

09.06.16 - I've just updated my guestbook page.  If you've appreciated anything here, why not let me know by adding an entry?

05.06.16 - The times for today's Test Day are now posted.