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Morning has Broken - Still a Long Way to Go

So Sunday morning had well and truly arrived. As I've said many times before, it feels as though the race is really beginning to wind down -, until you realise that there is still the best part of half the race still to go!

The loneliness of the long-distance Le Mans-ite..... Its quite hard to think of something descriptive to write about it. Sounds almost boring, I guess, but its one of those strange things. I'm sitting there in about my 10th seat in the pits grandstand, still lapping up the atmosphere, with just a few other diehards for company. I'm feeling tired, having had no sleep since Paris on Friday night and I'm getting hungry too. And I still have to survive until 7.30......

So that was it - the night done and dusted at Le Mans for the 20th time. I'm always sorry to see it go. I just love the hours from when the sun starts to go down until just after dawn makes its appearance. Simply wonderful. I expect there are some of you wondering why I don't get beered up like so many others, or why I'm happy to spend such a long time on my own, but its just one of those things - a great time for contemplation and thought. Try it sometime.











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