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Page 6 - Sunday 20th June - Sleep at Night at Le Mans? No Fear!


Peter and I initially headed back to the coach, the theory being to get some shut-eye.  I did at least try for ten minutes or so, but gave up (why break a habit of a life-time!), and after collecting my tripod and depositing my monopod, I headed back to the track.  Peter stayed in the coach and we agreed to meet up again later.   

As you will already know, I had been striving for several years to take some decent photographs during the night, although my efforts thus far had been less than brilliantly successful.  As a normal paying member of the public at Le Mans it is actually very difficult to get to the best spots to take photographs, a problem which isn't faced by the legions of press photographers, who are thus able to get the pictures which look so dramatic in the motor racing magazines.   In trying to get my shots, I started by wandering down to the Ford Chicane, on to the tribunes and then up into the by now almost deserted ACO grandstand.   It was excellent, as I was able to move virtually anywhere within the grandstand to take my pictures and, I suppose, I would grudgingly admit that these were probably the best that I had managed since I first tried with the tripod in 1990.   I also did a bit of experimentation with filters.  


I eventually met up again with Peter who had also given up on the idea of sleep and had coincidentally, been taking some shots from the other end of the grandstand.  We both finally realised that the other was there!  We left the tribune area and made the by now customary trek down past the Dunlop Chicane (where I definitely should have taken more pictures than I actually did), to the Esses and then on to Tertre Rouge.












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