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Tuesday 30th June 2020

So, I May Be Going After All....



So the ACO have announced this morning that Le Mans will take place in September - with spectators.  Provided that the French government relax the 5000 cap for public events, which I guess they must be pretty sure about.  But you have to have an entry ticket as no more will be sold.  Agencies can still sell their tickets and if you have a camping or grandstand ticket, you can buy an entry ticket (although how you do that is unclear).  

More information is to follow about how social distancing will work and that is going to take a lot of planning by the ACO.  Camping areas, grandstands and all of the normal packed areas will need to be adjusted somehow.  We don't know of course how many tickets have been sold and haven't been returned or held over until 2021.    

There are lots of other questions about getting there (and getting back, bearing in mind that the return ferry is always sold out).  But, it's more than a glimmer of hope that in less than three months we could be back at Le Mans.  

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