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Wednesday 26th August

So Near, Yet So Far...



I lasted posted just over a fortnight ago, very shortly after we received the news that the ACO was going to run the race this year behind closed doors after all.  Right now, I should have been only a week and a half away from leaving for France and that inevitably generates a lot of mixed feelings.  I am very sad indeed that the race is taking place (or at least we still assume it will be) on 12/13 September and I won't be there.  On the other hand, with everything that is still going on, there is tangible relief that we aren't going to run the gauntlet that Covid-19 presents on what most would consider to be a wholly unnecessary journey to another country.  Not only that, but a country where the infection rate started to spike again at the end of July and is only just showing signs of slowing down again.   It would have been a considerable risk going, even as things were a few weeks ago, but right now I guess it would have been bordering on foolhardy, and too big a risk for those back home when we got back.  The fact that the race will happen behind closed doors is really the saving grace.  It's not a case of personally not being able to go, but not being allowed to go.  That makes the pill a little easier to swallow.  

I had an email from the ACO a couple of days ago saying that members will have access to a live stream of the race.  It would seem that the ACO are producing an app of some kind to enable this to happen.  So at least I will be able to watch the race, even if it is from my lounge and not from the tribunes...  Members have also been informed that they will receive a credit for the tickets they have bought which they can use to buy tickets again when they go on sale for next year's race.  It's a real shame though that we couldn't simply be allocated the same tickets as we bought this year.  The email also suggested that there will be some kind of bonus for members, bearing in mind that many of us will have received absolutely nothing for our annual membership fee this year.  I renewed in May and will have to do so again in May 2021, and aside from a discount on some items I bought from the ACO shop online, I've had nothing for the significant sum that my renewal cost me.  I really hope the ACO come through with this, as they owe the loyal supporters of their race something.  

As for the race week and weekend, subject to the stream being available, I intend to watch everything that is broadcast, including the whole of the race.  My pals James F, Tony, Tim and Allon are meeting up at a hotel to watch the race together, however I plan to stay at home with James and Lauren to watch.  I just can't get excited enough about the prospect of watching the race on TV to go to any great lengths (or expense) to do anything more this year, so apologies to the rest of Team DoT for my lack of enthusiasm.  

As always, it would be good to hear from anyone who visits my site and reads my occasioning mumblings....

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