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Thursday 16th July 2020

'Village News...'



So, an important announcement from the ACO today.  Those who do stay the course and make it to Le Mans in September will have their movements strictly limited.  Attendees will be allocated to a colour-coded 'village' and it appears will only have access to the part(s) of the track accessible directly from their 'village'.  Each of the 'villages' will hold up to 5000 people and initially (from a map obtained from one of the regular groups who camp (but have now cancelled) it looks as though there will only be 5 or possibly 6 'villages'.  Each 'village' is promised eateries, a giant screen and dedicated parking although for some, that parking could well be a long way away, in one instance (which may affect our group) away on the airport (which for the last few years has been free parking).  

The wearing of face masks inside the circuit will be mandatory (which will be fun during the long periods we'll be there) and there will be much increased cleaning and hygiene arrangements in place.  Spectators will not be able to access the circuit until Thursday morning and it would appear that those camping will be unable to get in and pitched until Wednesday.  There will be no access to scrutineering (which as we knew already will be at the circuit).  

Those who have already bought tickets will be sent their 'village' assignment and detailed instructions about how they will access the circuit some time between 17th and 31st August, so we have quite a while to wait to find out what we're going to get.  Not only is the ticket office currently closed, but the ticket enquiry line is also closed until the end of August.  So frankly unless you have already sourced your tickets, you may be out of luck as no tickets will be on sale at the circuit.  

So, this is going to be a very different Le Mans experience and there are already significant numbers who have either already decided not to go or are seriously considering pulling out now.  Which I suspect is what the ACO is hoping for, bearing in mind the need to reduce the numbers attending.  There remains many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip' and there is still an awful lot that we have to wait over a month to discover.  Am I daunted, yes slightly, but not put off.  As has been said elsewhere, Le Mans 2020 promises to be a unique experience and I don't intend to miss it.  Those like me have been described (not unkindly I should add) on Ten Tenths as 'completists', and maybe that's right but for many like me, this is so much more than just another motor race and I'm prepared to put up with a lot to be there....

More updates in due course.  

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