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Thursday 12th August 2021

Hitting Hard



Just a short post in my occasional blog.  Today is the day that I should have left for France and Le Mans, but here I am sitting at my pc at home.  I made the decision several months ago that due to the Covid situation, I would miss Le Mans again this year.  Last year's absence was 'enforced' of course, but this year I made the decision myself.  For me, the situation in the UK and Europe is still not quite where I need it to be before I go back to Le Mans.  Yes, I'm double-jabbed and the Covid threat has reduced, particularly for those in my position, but the risk of bringing something unwanted with me back from France was just too much to contemplate - even for Le Mans.  

To make matters worse (in a sense), James F and Tony are now in France, having travelled over today, to spend a few days sightseeing before heading on to Le Mans.  I really hope they have a great time and avoid any hassles.  From all accounts, their entry into France went off without any difficulty.  Do I wish I was with them?  Yes, of course I do, but I have to make peace with myself and deal with the decision I made.  It makes me all the more determined to be back at La Sarthe in 2022 after what will by then be three years away.

To those of you lucky enough to make it to Le Mans this year, well done you, I hope the event is well worth the hoops you've had to jump through and I also hope that you all stay safe and well - I'm sure you will.  For me, I'll be setting up the TV and my laptop again to watch the race (and all the practice and qualifying action) from home. I'll stay up all night, wishing I was standing with James and Tony on the bank at Indianapolis.....

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