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Sunday 12th July 2020

Waiting for News...



OK, so we're a week or so on since my last post here.  It's been pretty quiet.  A couple of changes on the drivers front, but really not all that much else to report.  The only major piece of news coming out from the ACO is that the Friday evening driver parade has now definitely been cancelled.  I've been expecting this for quite a while.  Thousands of people jammed into the town centre never seemed like a good idea somehow....  In a sense it's a shame as this year I'd intended to take James and Lauren to it, as neither have been before.  But if I'm honest I'm quite relieved as it's a bit of a fag to get to it and out of it afterwards and as I said in last year's story, I'm just as happy having a nice early dinner somewhere and getting an early night in preparation for the race.  

The ACO have also sent out another survey to members asking us if we intend to go, whether we already have our tickets, and do we have a ticket for the members grandstands (T17/T18) and if we have any other 'forum' which we're taking to mean any other placed booked to watch from.  The club is clearly giving a lot of thought to how it will disperse around the circuit those who do attend.  Unsurprisingly the members of Team DoT have discussed many of these things already and I think we'll all just be glad to be there.  If it means that we have to watch the whole race from one vantage-point, then we'll live with that.  Just to be there for what promises to be a unique occasion in Le Mans history will be quite an achievement.  The ACO also announced that it was now recruiting temporary staff for the 24 Hours, particularly in relation to receiving spectators and to 'direct the public to the areas reserved for it and enforce the rules of access to sensitive areas.'   This makes it clear that there are likely to be far more limitations on the movement of spectators at the event than we're used to.  No doubt having these arrangements in place will be part and parcel of whatever agreement the ACO have brokered with the French local and national government to allow the event to take place with a significant number of spectators.  

Local La Sarthe statistics are showing that there has not been a Covid-19 related death in the department since 16th June and that was the first since 7th June, so one death in over a month now.  The statistics have also been very low (almost static) throughout the Loire region for several weeks, however reading more widely there is still significant concern in France from public health officials that the situation is not yet under control.    However, the position is considerably better than it was a couple of months ago, for sure.  

More updates in due course.  

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