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Tuesday 11th May 2021

8 Months On...



So, my last blog post was nearly 8 months ago.  The limbo that has been maintained since then largely continues and although we have made great strides here in the UK with our vaccination programme over the last 5-6 months, the situation in India illustrates that we're all a long way from being out of the woods yet.  Still, with a bit of luck we'll be able to eat inside a restaurant next week and meet up with more people, inside and outside.  I had my first jab of AZ in March and I'm due for the second one at the end of this month.  It brings comfort of course, but it doesn't take away that enduring feeling of unease when you're out and about.  Assuming we do rid ourselves of the scourge of Covid-19 at some point in the future, it will feel strange returning to some kind of 'normality' again.  

As to Le Mans, well, there is plenty of 'limbo' there too.  We had the date put back from June to 21/22 August but with only three months to go, none of us have any idea whether we will get there this year (other than my son Toby, who will be on a team crew again).  Ferries have of course been re-booked and accommodation is there waiting, but we still wait to hear from the ACO whether we will be permitted to go.  And even if we are, will I be able to overcome the unease about travelling and the inevitable restrictions we will face at the circuit (and elsewhere)?  I don't know.  How restrictive do the restrictions have to get before it becomes something I don't really want to do?  It worries me that my thoughts are so 'heretical'....

I've actually been in correspondence with the ACO recently.  My membership is due for renewal again.  I renewed last May and to be blunt, I've had nothing at all for the money I spent.  I haven't even had a post-race fan pack.  So I've asked the ACO to justify to me why I should renew again, bearing in mind that there is no guarantee that they will allow me to attend the race, bearing in mind that even if spectators are allowed, we can be sure that it won't be the near 250,000 that normally attend.  Members only or the monied few?  I wonder.....   My email has been referred to the 'Head of the Club', so it'll be interesting to see what response I get.....  

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